You’ve seen the Self Storage facilities, and you can see all those sheds full with customer goods. You might have even watched Storage Wars on TV! Seeing all that potential has made you interested in getting started in Self Storage.

Now it’s your turn. But where do you start?

Research is the key. Self Storage is a capital intensive real estate activity. There are a number of barriers to entry, but like any other business, these can generally be overcome.

Land or buildings are the obvious starting point when you’re getting started in Self Storage. But are they the best place to start?

Understanding that the development, construction, and management of a Self Storage facility is a medium- to long-term investment should be your priority.

If you’re looking for immediate investment return, seek out publicly available Self Storage investments. These deliver an immediate and liquid return.

The development of a new Self Storage facility is time consuming. Once land is purchased, development consent to build is required. Here’s where the first mistake usually happens.

Use a Self Storage building and development expert

Steel Storage Australia have built more than any other Self Storage company here in Australia. From humble single-storey ground level sites to five-storey climate controlled sites in CBD locations, they’re our leading experts when it comes to design and construction.

Once your design is set and your building commences, it’s time to turn to marketing.

R6 Web Design™ have designed more marketing strategies and websites for Self Storage facilities than any other, delivering business from the very first day. From professional videos to images, Google AdWords to artwork, and all advertising material in between, the team at R6 Web Design™ can help.

Every new site needs operating software. SiteLink Web Edition is the leading product for day to day invoicing and admin of Self Storage spaces. Revenue management is a key goal for any new operator, and SiteLink Web Edition is the tool of choice for new players.

Self Storage development is a multi-disciplined business and the rewards are varied, depending on your investment.

Follow your journey as you develop Self Storage at