Just about every day we are confronted by poor customer service. Most businesses are guilty of poor service and many don’t even know that they are giving poor customer service.

What is poor customer service? It’s when a customers’ expectation is not met. When businesses don’t understand the customer and what they want, more than likely the chances are that the customer will see the difference as poor customer service. Perception is often reality.

So How does Good Customer Service help your Online marketing to Succeed?

When Self Storage businesses use web marketing and online advertising to promote their businesses on Facebook Instagram and Google AdWords, more often than not they don’t work to make sure that the customer is served fast. Online inquirers want answers fast and when they don’t get them they shop elsewhere.

Here are our tips for good customer service when promoting a product or service online:

  1. Respond fast. If a potential Self Storage customer has made the effort to fill out a form that requires your business to respond, then respond fast. More than likely the lead is ready to rent now. Not later today or tomorrow, but NOW. Did we say respond fast?
  2. Follow up. Don’t assume that because the sale has been made then the sale is over. Contact the new customer and ensure they are happy. Add this information to your CRM system.
  3. Bad news should travel fast too. If you cannot provide the service or product, tell the potential customer. Don’t make them call you to find out you can’t help.
  4. Keep your promises. If you make a commitment then stick to it. Don’t blame anyone keeping the promise is key to good customer service and if you can’t them tell them why not.
  5. Everyone is a reviewer. If you deliver good service don’t be afraid to ask for a Google or online review. If you have delivered bad service you won’t have to ask, you will get bad reviews at no charge!

The value of online marketing is wasted when poor service gets in the way of a sale. Joe Doyle, Principal Select Training says “Excellent customer service lays the foundation for your business’ success. Without it, you’ll be creating a community of unhappy consumers and your business will struggle to survive”. joe has helped many Self Storage businesses build bulletproof sales and customer service programmes, resulting in better occupancies and better rates.

“Good customer service is not hard, it’s basic and sometimes we don’t even know we are not providing good service”, says Joe Doyle.

Online reviews can seriously impact your Self Storage business too, devastating your online marketing spend. Potential customers after seeing an online advert may also see a critical review at the same time, killing any ability to expect a sale or response.

Online reviews are as critical as your SEO for your website as they are highly visible. Your business name is then linked with bad service.

Ask us at R6 Digital how we can improve your online marketing. We have great solutions for all budgets. Ask Select Training about building your businesses customer service skills.

That’s the best money you can spend on your business!