FKSL Management is an all-inclusive Self Storage management company with 44 stores across Australia – now the fourth largest operator within the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The Self Storage industry is one of local business, and local businesses are reliant on customer service and value for money in order to reach success. The rise of the role technology plays in our everyday lives has made it a requirement for local businesses to invest in technology and systems. While the importance of this is known, it can be difficult for small, local businesses to implement on their own.

At FKSL Management, we offer a genuine, nationwide branding and systems platform to help local Self Storage facilities be successful. We’re passionate about utilising relentless innovation through technology and training to provide an authentic and sustainable point of difference.

We value integrity, excellence, and family drive, and these values are evident in our approach to all aspects of Self Storage management. Throughout our portfolio of more than 44 stores, our focus on customer service and localised marketing is notable.

If you’re interested in working with FKSL Management, we’ll make you the same promise we’ve made to all our facility owners:

‘We will manage your Self Storage investment as if it is our own. Our team is dedicated to your investment success through the application of leading technology, staff training and marketing initiatives.”

FKSL Management is ready to manage your valuable storage asset. Profit from our experience and excellence and call 07 3216 3997 to talk to our team or visit

FKSL Management is an official partner of Self Storage Startup. To learn more about our partners, click here.