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District Manager is an income maximisation and auditing software designed specifically for the Self Storage industry. The software provides on demand financial analysis, business intelligence, and powerful visualisations to allow an operation to easily identify new revenue-driving opportunities and increase day-to-day productivity.

One of District Manager’s discount management reports allows you to easily filter through discounted tenants and display those eligible for a discount reduction based on your own criteria.

District Manager analyses your concession plans by cost per move-in, leases generated, and average stay making it easy to identify which plans are the most cost-effective and which plans should be eliminated.

District Manager allows you to quickly audit your facilities. Its comprehensive auditing suites report at the facility, tenant, and employee level. You can audit every facility in your operation at the same time, instantly drill all the way down into any tenant’s ledger, and view any notes associated with individual transactions.

District Manager constantly monitors your facilities in effort to alert you of critical activity in a timely manner. When such activity is detected, the system will immediately send you an email containing a description of the event, an associated chart to put it into context, and a list of recommendations to mitigate future occurrences.

District Manager’s customisable Cockpit Charting view provides you with the means to quickly see various vitals, side by side. Facilities can be grouped together, e.g., by regional manager, region, ownership, etc., and then plotted allowing you to easily monitor and/or compare the performance of the group as a whole.

District manager allows you to create custom facility groups to shape your data and meet your organisational needs. You can run reports on facility groups to easily monitor and/or compare performance. You can also view reports that combine the activity of each individual facility in a group into a single seamless report, e.g., move-ins.

District Manager’s powerful visualisations and infographics make finding a needle in a haystack easy. It’s hard to get the overall picture of any given subject matter directly from a long data report; it usually takes a while. Visualisations, like District Manager’s facility Heat Map, literally present the overall picture for you allowing you to almost instantly comprehend the current state of affairs and spot anomalies.

District Manager examines unit groups and provides reports that direct your attention to the groups that need it most. Unit group analysis reports, like the “Stay and Re-Lease” report, attempt to present the true value of your units by showing key metrics like vacancies, average stay, average effective rate, and average gross per tenant. These kinds of reports found throughout District Manager instantly provide you with numbers that are very hard to come by and maintain on a daily basis. They enable you to make more informed business decisions.

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