StorApp Goes from Strength to Strength

A year after a successful global launch of StorApp which has seen many customers adopt this new Self Storage App, R6 Digital has invested in a complete User Interface upgrade.

A big first year for StorApp

Customers in Australia, Asia & the UK

The team at R6 Digital have been busy in the first year after the launch of StorApp.  They have customers taking up the application worldwide with multiple in Asia, the UK and Australian regions.  Brad Dogger, the Project Manager at R6 Digital who manages StorApp implementations told us “Launching StorApp in different regions has been great.  Solving challenges like language localisation for China was fun and the team here delivered a great solution which has worked really well and made future language updates much easier”.

Enhancing The StorApp User Experience

After such solid uptake, the R6 team did a review of customer engagement and behaviour data to see what they could do to enhance the application ongoing.  They also got lots of feedback from current self storage customers who are using the app.  That informed the development roadmap, and the app user interface design enhancement.

New Features Added to StorApp

ID Verification

ID Verification was a much requested feature from self storage business owners.  They wanted this so that they don’t have to hold onto customers ID images while offering a higher level of validation, using a 3rd party ID validation integration.

Facility Maps

Maps of the location which help customers find their unit have been a great enhancement and makes StorApp a solution that truly solves the key challenges for self storage businesses going unmanned.

More Gate Access Integrations

StorApp launched already integrated with most of the major gate access providers but the team continued to work on this in order to enable their customers to have more freedom of choice for their gate access provider while still having a single app across their facilities.

User Interface Redesign

Using the customer data collected from thousands of self storage customers accessing the app, a new design was developed to ensure that it is simple and effective for all customers, no matter what facilities they access using the app.

This design leveraged best practices seen in some of the most successful apps from different industries, such as cryptocurrency and banking.  With these best practices brought into the self storage world, StorApp has taken another leap toward redefining the customer experience for our category.

The Future For StorApp

The team behind StorApp have big plans for the future.   They recently launched it in the United States at the SSA Conference in Las Vegas and it received a lot of interest.  Some plans of future features include interesting ideas like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Inventory Management for customers, among many others.   They intend to continue a steady stream of new features that will become available to all current and future StorApp customers.

Follow this link for more information about StorApp, the self storage customer mobile phone app.