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More than 13,000 Self Storage facilities depend on SiteLink Web Edition to manage their daily operations. Since 1999, SiteLink has won multiple awards for its innovative features and intuitive, user- friendly interface.

As the storage industry evolves, SiteLink Web Edition offers the right tools with today’s technology. We use our clients’ ideas to enhance existing features and add new ones. SiteLink Web Edition passed strict SSAE 16 (SOC I) Type II and PCI certifications as part of our commitment to data safety.

Accessible anywhere in the world, our E-commerce Engine, and quality reports deliver a competitive advantage for every operator.

SiteLink Web Edition provides a clear advantage over client/server applications. Cloud-based technology ensures connectivity, allowing customers to do business with you 24/7 from computers or mobile devices.

Fast access to all data
All data resides in secure data centres. SSAE 16/ SOC 1 Type II and PCI certifications underscore SiteLink’s commitment to data protection.

Built for today’s needs
We designed SiteLink Web Edition to grow with the needs of the modern Self Storage operator 
in mind. Customer demand and continuous improvement drive regular updates. Cutting-edge features like myHub help you compete in any market.

Regular updates automatically deploy globally, ensuring everyone uses the same version.

SiteLink Web Edition offers the freedom to
do business your way. Choose from many technology partners for text messaging, web design, internet listing services (ILS*), Call Centres, credit card processing and more.

Flexible platform
Not every Self Storage facility operates the same way, SiteLink Web Edition offers many ways to run your facility from cash or accrual reporting to taking inquiries and many more options – SiteLink Web Edition is highly flexible.

With today’s mobile workforce, SiteLink Web Edition can be installed on as many PCs as needed, offering flexibility for staff to work
from home or mobile locations. SiteLink Web Edition does not require costly servers nor costly additional licenses to operate multiple computers in your store.

Many of the features in SiteLink Web Edition are implemented from customer feedback. Facility owners and operators are instrumental in adding the best features that make you more money.

We also provide comprehensive training videos and documentation for new features so you can implement them right away, ensuring you are always ahead of your competition.

Future Proof
While serving storage owners for nearly 20 years, we have witnessed other software vendors come and go. At SiteLink, we focus on service and continuous improvement so you can grow your business. More than 13,000 SiteLink Web Edition owners never have to worry about shopping for new software.

Quality Development and Support
Our team of more than 90 programmers, sales and technical support members all work with one goal: provide the best software for Self Storage. We invest heavily in personnel, training and technology tools to respond to calls and deploy updates regularly. We love it when customers notice how we turn their suggestion into a new feature in a future update.

SiteLink Web Edition grows with you, and does not require servers or a network. SiteLink Web Edition always runs fast, regardless of the time of day or the number of systems you run. We invest in our back-end architecture so you don’t have to.

Built-in editing tools for the map and letters mean you can make changes. Create and change your map and any letter, notice and lease. Multi-storealt=”” width=”300″ height=”95″ /> operators automate and deploy (clone) changes at multiple stores in a single step using the Corporate Control Centre. Custom print options, HTML letters and text messaging help to convert leads to rentals and keep customers happy.

User Friendly
We worked hard to make software look this easy. The secret: continuous development and listening to customer suggestions. Suggestions are compliments of the largest client base of any software in Self Storage. After servicing the industry for over 20 years, we know how to turn suggestions into new features and deliver them via reliable, automatic live updates throughout each year.

Easy operations
SiteLink Web Edition is intuitive and easy to use thanks to online training videos, crisp, inviting design, user-friendly features and flexible property maps. Natural, logic design of menus and workflow help to turn users into experts.

Easy reporting
There are key reports for every aspect of your business. SiteLink Web Edition records notes for virtually every exception and plots data over extended periods to show trends. Quality data in, quality results out. Let SiteLink Web Edition unlock the meaning of your work at stores and home offices, on websites and in call centres.

Easy reconciling and accounting
SiteLink Web Edition integrates with over 20 accounting systems. SiteLink Web Edition tracks financials and exceptions and builds solid audit trails. Handles single and multiple tax rates with confidence. Apply monthly, weekly, daily and four-week billing. Most management companies who handle other owner’s monies rely on SiteLink Web Edition. More than 70 of the top 100 operators trust their operation to SiteLink Web Edition. Website

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