Brad Ellis has been appointed Business Development Manager at FKSL Management Australia, which manages more than 45 stores under the brands StoreLocal and Fort Knox Storage. Brad will be based in Brisbane and returns to the Self Storage industry after two-and-a-half years in Europe, where he and his wife took a sabbatical and had their first child.

“The FKSL team is motivated and innovative. Their long standing storage background, experience, and diverse skill sets make them a unique and balanced management team. The FKSL team are heading in a good direction as a major industry brand group, and when the opportunity arose to work with the team, I jumped at it,” said Ellis.

“I will be very active in the regional and local area marketing of our stores with a grassroots, community based outreach and engagement strategy to make our brand and staff members the ‘local area hero’ and the choice partner and recognised brand for storage.

“I see our business bringing transparency to our operation through communication, up-to-date data, and direct any-time login portals — something I feel will be very refreshing for the industry.

“Internally I will be concentrating on process refinement, discovering talent and opportunities, staff development, business development, community engagement and, of course, the everyday of standards, auditing, store execution, compliance and presentation.”

Part of Ellis’ remit will be updating and refining the brand group’s marketing and PR strategy, with an emphasis on direct connection with local communities.

“Any brand can spend more on outdoor, print, online, and beyond that above the line. It’s a blanket approach which nobody can really quantify on a per customer basis. We do not want to be involved with a passive spend versus spend fight, in which budgets win depending on who spent the most that month. For us, what wins every month, is our investment in our staff, stores, and our local community, and that’s what I’m here to develop.

“I look forward to sharing in the future success of the brands, and being a part of the FKSL Management family for many years to come.”

FKSL Management is a partner of Self Storage Startup