With over 10,000 online move ins completed by RapidStor, what is the latest strategy to get more online move ins?

Pricing could be the key.

The recent update to SiteLink Web Edition allows for pricing of units for the web. A new button “Batch Edit Web Rates” can be used to show different rates for the web. This new feature will work with RapidStor online rentals.

Storage units

Why is this useful?

Just about every business uses rates to attract clients. With more than 80% of all rentals originating online, keeping customers incentive and urged to rent can be enticing with a web rate.

Recent research by some US operators reveal that close to 40% that rent online change their preference for the unit selected when shown attractive upgrades by staff skilled in upselling more space.

Using online rental rates to create store traffic gives the Self Storage manager the opportunity to upsell a better unit option, closer to the lift or gate, or sell Insurance or even merchandise adding more profit to the sale.

Value pricing is where a determination is made for the price of each space. Not all Storage spaces are created equal – not all can be just outside the lift, or office or even undercover.

Web rates can be used to show value, the unit selected might be a value unit, bit not a premium unit and this allows staff to sell upgrades.

Don’t assume that customers won’t spend up to 14% on more on premium units. These might have less travel time and be closer to stair of lifts or exit. This can save a customer money when using removalists or posting people to move their stuff.

We are used to paying for extra leg space on planes, topping to the edge on pizza’s and better rental cars. Use Web rates to get the customer to the negotiation table, then upsell a higher priced unit for higher profits.

Tech savvy staff can use these new tools to help them sell more space and increase Net lettable areas.

Are you using RapidStor for your online rentals? Don’t miss out on this valuable tool for your website. RapidStor allows you to rent space 24/7, delivering even more customer service.

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