We are all very aware of how our lives have changed since the lock down-regulations were imposed. Have we uncovered a rich vein of new Self Storage business? Some states and countries have more or less severe levels of lockdown and this has changed the way many of us work. Including us.
Last year we made the decision to sell our office in Southern Brisbane and move to a Co-Working space in Brisbane City, after making a full analysis of our needs and costs. 

Our initial reaction was that costs would be higher, but after more financial analysis, right down to the consumption of toilet paper, the costs were comparative, but with far less admin of our working space. 

Businesses have to make these decisions with reference to the ongoing costs and benefits of office occupation every day and co-working spaces are increasingly popular.

As we sell and support SiteLink, websites and marketing with a team of programmers working on applications,  most of our work is done on computers and we made a decision some time ago that all computers would by mobile, not for any other reason other than they take up less space and people can move around the office.

One item we needed after the move was more space. We rented a 3 x 7 unit at a Storage facility close to the office and yes, we got a good deal!  

It was an easy decision for us at the time as we know the business. We store all of our excess furniture, records, chairs and extensive photographic gear we use for videos and websites.

When we moved into our co-working space, where we offered a Self Storage solution? Ah, no, we weren’t, we found our own. Let’s not assume potential customers know about their storage options as we do.   

As we move into our 6th week of isolation, all of our staff work remotely. We are blessed with dedicated staff who can accept the challenge of working this way. 

Some are space challenged to make this work for them and we have heard from UK sites where they are getting more enquiry from home workers challenged for somewhere to work, needing to clear out that spare bedroom to be able to work.  

Our US colleagues report a similar change in the enquiry levels for Self Storage and this is a new business vein for the Self Storage community.  

The R6 Digital Takeaway

We work in an 8 story building in the Brisbane CBD. It’s full of co-working spaces and today it’s a ghost town. As restrictions are eased, workers will return but we wonder how many at first and then over the longer term will return?  Some businesses are already considering staggering working times for staff with some offering the capability to work from home more. 

We sense an ongoing change in the way we all work.  We have been forced to isolate and come up with new ways of interacting; not only with staff but with customers.

3 step to move forward

  • Are you targeting Stay at home workers and do you offer a storage solution for businesses adapting to these new changes?
  • Can these new renters buy online today? You need to have contactless move ins
  • Are you using Google Ads and or social ads targeting this new business?

We have all discovered that parcels can be delivered to our doors, Big Macs can come by Uber at lunchtime and we can buy what we need online. 

We knew these things, but many of us didn’t have any real reason to try them. 

Now we have.

Many like what they see, like a bit more time in their day, like the cost-savings, and for them, could form part of a new work – home lifestyle.

But they will need space at home to make it work. 

We can help you target this potential new business with targeted social media advertising, Google Ads, and website changes to reflect this new vein of Self Storage business.   

Don’t be surprised if working from home becomes the norm for some. Businesses will adapt and we think it will become a new way to work. 

Self Storage can benefit from these changes and Self Storage needs to adapt with contactless move ins and technology, but telling the marketplace that they have spaces to help those who now have to work from home. 

Cutting a deal with big employers could be just what the doctor ordered!