Inside Self Storage, the Self Storage Industry’s most widely read magazine and online directory has announced the winners of the “Best of Business” awards for 2020.

The votes are solicited from users and industry professionals globally, voting in 40 categories.

Voting took place in March with the announcement of winners last week.

Storable, who own SiteLink Web Edition, used by the leading Self Storage operators across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, were awarded “Best Management software” and award SiteLink has won for nearly 10 years.

SiteLink remains the most awarded Self Storage software globally.

Storable was also awarded “Best Online directory” for their Sparefoot product.

Dallas Dogger, Chairman of the Centreforce Technology Group that represents SiteLink in Australia, New Zealand and Asia said, “The award for Storable underpins the continuing commitment to software excellence and innovation by Storable. Having customers and peers judge your product to the best is humbling and a testament to the hard work of all of our staff both here in Brisbane, Raleigh and Austin.

SiteLink remains the clear choice for progressive Self Storage operators. Our commitment to security, data accuracy and even more development of contactless move ins continues, with our users reporting a massive uptake of online move ins, particularly over the last 3 months”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the focus on move ins to a contactless model and Australia led the world with the first truly online move in over 8 years ago. Since then, many thousands of “online contactless” move ins have been completed, many at full price, many after hours and many on weekends.

Operators that use SiteLink and RapidStor, our online move in tool tell us that these tools are responsible for over 30% of all move ins and the technology has been an essential tool through these tough times.

There is no doubt that “contactless move ins” are part of the Self Storage daily playbook. If you don’t have the capability to complete online move ins, please call SiteLink today.


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