How can your Self Storage facility get some extra ‘cut through’ this Christmas?

Christmas Is A Time to find New Renters in 2022

Self Storage sites over the last decade have been built in high-profile locations. Main roads, busy arterials, and intersections all help focus travellers on Self Storage facilities. Buildings are huge with a high profile, perfect for Christmas lights!

Unless your site is a victim of ‘site blindness’…

‘Site blindness’ comes from consumers who have no interest in your site until they need Self Storage. Christmas light displays can help overcome site blindness.

A few years ago, we upgraded the computer gear for my own Self Storage site. The manager had stepped out for lunch and I said I would cover the lunchtime rush! A lady came in and started to talk about renting a space. Great, I told her, that’s what we do here!

As she got talking, she said this:

‘Oh, I never knew this was storage here!’
I was a little taken aback! We had over 100m of frontage, good signage, and even had the unit contents painted on doors. There was no way she couldn’t know our building was a storage facility!

But she didn’t know.

‘I’ve been driving past for four years and I’ve never noticed it..’ she said.

What did this mean for our facility?

Well, did you notice all the red cars on the road on your way to work this morning? Of course, you didn’t! There was no reason for them to spike your interest.

Armed with this information, I decided to give our store the chance to stand out during the Christmas season. I allocated a budget for Christmas decorations and focused them on the outside of the buildings.

My only mistake was to try and do it myself… It wasn’t the best display of Christmas lights you’ve ever seen!

Tips for a successful Christmas awareness campaign.

  • During construction, allow some extra power points outside to connect light displays
  • Utilise a professional to install your lights – it will look much better!
  • Market your display locally and invite locals to come and see the lights
  • Enter local Christmas light competitions – this will advertise your business for free
  • Donate some Christmas presents to local charities – don’t forget to promote it!
  • Offer to be a present drop-off point for local charities
  • Hire a variable message sign with a Christmas message – they work!

Thousands of families drive around looking at Christmas lights. If your Self Storage facility has a good display, expect extra traffic! This extra traffic will more than likely be from locals.

And locals are 95% of your business!
Exposing your Self Storage business during the festive season will make it stand out from the rest with some lights and decorations! Contact us to learn more about Self Storage.

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