In 2011, Inside Self Storage started the “Best of Business” awards in their World wide Self Storage Magazine.

The annual award set out to recognise the best suppliers in a number of categories – voted on by readers. There is no tougher or harsher critic than customers and to win in any one year is a major achievement by any supplier. 

Self Storage software has to please as many users as possible. Designing SiteLink software from the ground up was the brainchild of Dr Ross Lampe – a well-known engineer in North Carolina with significant senior design experience in computing and defence. He was awarded the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus award by the NC State University in 2010. 

At that stage, SiteLink was growing fast and the catalyst for the design of the software was that Ross’s brother had built a Self Storage site and could not find software good enough. 

The learning curve to build the most awarded Self Storage Software has been long and many times very tough. 

When Centreforce IT was granted the sales and support rights to our region in 2007, the commitment to our region for software was extensive and well into 6 figures. The programmers spent time with Centreforce to understand local needs and over time, complex changes saw SiteLink deliver to those customers a new level of accuracy and usability not available with any other software. 

With the growth of the industry, especially in the corporate sector, SiteLink understood the needs of the larger operator with additional levels of reporting and auditing.

There are no software packages that can deliver every feature and creating a software marketplace where specialists can create integrations with SiteLink created a new level of Self Storage understanding and data. 

The Best of Business Award for 2021 has been won by Storable and SiteLink is a key part of the management software offering. The award has been won for 10 straight years, since the inception of the Award. 

Continual development sees SiteLink in the number 1 position globally, available in many languages and editions to suit local business rules. 

Local support for SiteLink has been a core element of growth for the brand in Australia and New Zealand and the Brisbane office assists other regions as well. 

The success of SiteLink is due to you, our supportive customers, who continue to work with us to deliver better software and better integrations to help grow your business. 

Thank you to all those who voted for Storable – your support and loyalty is appreciated and the future is bright for the most awarded software in the Self Storage Industry.  

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