Driving Demand for Self Storage space is the way to boost your Self Storage income. Demand is driven by a number of factors and understanding those factors will help determine how to “tap into”’ more customers and get them to move into your Self Storage Facility.

The Key Drivers for Self Storage Space


Households move all the time. With close to 200,000 new houses built each year in Australia, our population is always growing and on the move. 43% of people have moved in the last 5 years, driving Demand for Self Storage space. 

Not all moving plans go to plan – sometimes household furniture must be stored and this drives demand for storage. Importantly, potential storers have a choice between regular “repository style”, mobile Storage, valet Storage and more. Self Storage provides convenience and flexibility for storers and it’s essential that your offering is clearly laid out on your website.

Event Driven 

Demand for Self Storage space is often event-driven; a divorce, a death, a dispute, a disaster, a job move and a myriad of other reasons. These “events” are triggers that send potential customers to the internet to seek and find a storage solution.  

Demand is local

When potential customers seek Self Storage, the closest location with choice is often selected. Over 90% of Self Storage rentals occur in an 8-10km radius from a facility. 

COVID accelerated Demand for “Contactless Move ins”

Not unexpected the COVID 19 Pandemic for many saw a material change in enquiry levels and most decidedly those sites with online “contactless” booking technology continued and in some cases saw increases in rental activity and have been able to weather the COVID storm that has battered many other industries. Some sites had not implemented an online move in strategy and scrambled in time to implement it. It takes time to SEO especially in a busy market and some sites missed the online business that others enjoyed.  

Let’s move into high gear!

OK, we know these basic factors but what are the practical steps to drive demand for Self Storage space?

Firstly, let’s look at push and pull business. (inbound or outbound marketing in marketing land). 

Inbound Marketing

This is where potential customers are out in the marketplace, largely online looking for a storage provider. They are using more than 500 search terms to find a suitable facility. They might just drop in, remember your sign or call you. 

Outbound Marketing

 This is called advertising, attempting to find customers in a sea of competition. Advertising your facility can take many forms, from direct marketing, sponsorships of local activities and community participation. 

How do we bring this all together?

A fully integrated Self Storage marketing website with clear messaging and communication options is the best way to harness the potential inflow of customers for your Self Storage business. 

Capturing demand and converting more Self Storage leads is best done with a Self Storage marketing website, integrated with SiteLink Web Edition.

An integrated Self Storage website, “contactless” real-time booking technology will help you unlock the value of your facility and rent space not only during work hours but after hours too. 

A dedicated “inbound” marketing campaign, professionally designed and implemented will generate leads and customers ready to rent. 

Consider the cost on a “cost per move in model” Determine how many move – ins you need to fulfil your occupancy target and once you know the cost per move in, then you can budget the cost. 

Non Self Storage website providers are not aware of the demand generator and don’t have a comprehensive understanding of keywords and negative keywords that are used by the team at R6 Digital. Gained over many years, these tried and tested models ensure your Self Storage marketing website has the best chance to attract real customers adding to your profits. 

A mistake some facility managers and owners make is to use one of the many DIY website builders. 

While you can build your own website, ask yourself why? Are you up to date on the latest search information? Do you know how to get the design to work on mobile devices? Google delivers more than 200 updates each year. It’s easy to go to the back of the rankings!

You might save a few dollars but in the end, there is a high chance that your competitors are using professional web companies to provide ongoing marketing and SEO services. These services are specialist in nature and it’s fair to say you can waste a lot of cash on poor results. 

Harness the true income potential of your Self Storage business with a professional Self Storage website, combined with ‘contactless” move ins and consider an inbound marketing campaign that drives internet traffic to your website. 

“Everyone knows me” is an excuse often used by owners who choose not to advertise their Self Storage businesses. With 43% or more having moved once in the last 5 years, with Interstate migration at record levels, there is a very good chance that new residents will not know about your site. 

Never fall into the trap of thinking everyone knows your site. They don’t. 

Real-time online, integrated Self Storage Marketing websites work 24 hours, 7 days a week, driving Demand for Self Storage Space!

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