How to Impact the 3 types of Visitors to your Website


As the Internet has become the primary source of lead generation for most businesses, displaying prices and offers on the web is an important part of the daily business mix. Generally there are three types of visitors to your website.
1. Comparers – These are visitors who know what they want and they are comparing prices. These types are the people who if they were in your shop and you asked them if they needed assistance would say “No thanks we are just browsing”. FACT: They will buy from someone and your offer needs to jump at them.
2. Researchers – They may have a need for the product they are looking for either soon or for a coming up event, like moving house or upgrading etc. They are trying to work out what they need. FACT: Your offering needs to be explanatory, researcher are info gatherers.
3. Buyers – These visitors are ready to buy. They could have been comparers and or researchers minutes ago or weeks ago. They are ready to buy. FACT: Do you have pricing displayed?
Many businesses have pricing displayed on their site and many don’t. We have customers who enjoy success with online prices and others do not.
Web success comes from satisfying all three types of visitors to your website. There needs to be a balance between information to satisfy search engines and a balance of real information to satisfy website visitors.
The reason for your website is to sell your product or service and there are plenty of reasons why some websites work and some don’t.
Design navigation and the User Experience (UX) are often the primary reason why many don’t buy – they just can’t find what they want to buy easily. Often using a mobile or tablet, your sales offering needs to be clear and concise. Professional design and images are critical for web performance.
Your website is your window to the world. Is it clean or dirty? Does your website look like this?
The three types of visitors we are talking about can be all three and or a combination of any three at any given time.
Does your website give a clear recommendation, like “most popular”,” Over 10,000 sold” or “Our biggest seller”? These are called recommendations and help form opinion in the mind of the web visitor.
Ensure your offering is competitive. Web visitors expect the pricing of the product or service to be competitive, hence their comparison shopping with other websites. Have you checked your competitor’s offerings lately? Being competitive is the difference between being in business or not.
Web visitors must believe your claims. Ensure you have good testimonials and be prepared to show them on your website. Be proud of what others have to say about your business.
Manage your social media presence. Your image on social media can impact both you and your business. If someone takes a dislike to you or your business they will soon make it known on Social media and adverse postings can harm your website and your business.
Designing your website to cater for these three types of businesses will ensure you have a good opportunity to convert any potential business that can come from web visitors.