How you present your Self Storage business says a lot about your business.

“Clean shoes maketh the man”
What sort of image does your Self Storage business portray to consumers? Does your business look “open for business” or does it look tired and out of date?
Site presentation starts with your site when customers arrive at your property. How does it look? Clean and tidy? Is the keypad like the one we have here, or are yours up to date and clean.
We took this picture of a keypad at a Self Storage site. The keypad had broken down and the owner had made up his own idea of an intercom.

Short sited at best! To any customer, it looks like penny-pinching; especially if rental rates increase!

How about the office? Is it tidy and clean? Is there merchandise on display? Does it smell ok?

How about outside? Are your driveways and corridors clean and tidy? What about external panels, are they clean?

Self Storage spaces should be clean and tidy, always. Renters don’t like dirty units and it’s easy to get a reputation that cannot be fixed easily.

Your website is the window to your Self Storage business. Is it modern and up to date? Does it have clear messaging, and can customers easily find what they are after?

What about your online reputation? Have you got good or bad Google reviews?  A bad reputation can do immediate and ongoing harm to your Self Storage business.

Do you respond fast to online enquiries? You have 2 minutes at the most before your potential customer will desert your site and move to one who does respond.

Self Storage is a competitive, focused and competitive business.  Your image can and will affect the level of new move-ins and more the likely influence some to move if there is a cleaner, better Self Storage site down the road.

It’s cheaper to maintain your Self Storage site than to let it fall into disrepair. Valuers will take a harsh approach to run down sites, costing you far more than the money you saved on maintenance.

Image is everything in Self Storage!