Regular Maintenance Protects your Investment


Responsible property ownership doesn’t stop once you’ve signed the paperwork… And it’s the same for a Self Storage facility as it is for your own home.

Maintenance is the key to ensuring your property looks good and holds its value for years to come – which is also the key to ensuring the customers keep coming and, eventually, when you are ready to move on, that you have a valuable well-kept asset to sell.

So, once your facility is bought or built, one of the first things you need to do is schedule a regular program of maintenance to prevent the effects of wear and tear on your property.

For example, while steel or wrought iron fences may seem indestructible, it makes sense to wash them regularly to keep them looking smart. Controlling the dirt and grime also means you are controlling the very elements that can damage your fence.

While you wash, keep your eyes open for any rust spots that need attention, or chips that need touching up with paint. Not only do these not look attractive if they are left untouched, but they can also lead to the fence decaying to the point of needing replacement – and that’s a big expense.

You also need to look out for any missing fasteners or other hardware that can compromise the security of your facility. Get them fixed fast, to ensure the ongoing confidence of your customers.

You need to pay that level of attention to all areas of your Self Storage facility. The everyday movements of your customers can lead to panels and doors being damaged.

A unit that needs repair cannot be rented, which means it is not paying its way. It could also be a safety hazard to your customers. And if repairs aren’t done in a timely fashion, not only is it unattractive, but also it could mean water and dust can get into the building, which can damage your customers’ possessions.

Making sure your facility is well maintained is not just solid business sense, in that it allows everything to keep working as it is designed to do, but it also sends a subtle message to your customers.

They can see you care about your facility and keeping their possessions safe. Your attention to detail gives them confidence that they have made the right choice of Self Storage facility, and they will share that knowledge with others.

If word of mouth is the best reference, then make sure your customers are saying all the right things about your business, by taking pride in your facility and the way it looks and operates.

Regular maintenance is the key, so draw up the list of jobs to be done and schedule it. You can include this as part of your staff members’ regular duties, or hire a specialist company to take care of things for you, but always make sure that the maintenance is done to keep your facility in optimum operational condition.