How To Maximise Conversions From Your Contact Page


Research shows that there are many ways to optimise your contact page to make sure the conversions work for you.

1. Test your page weekly.
Make sure that your contact page is actually working. Website updates, Windows updates, a myriad of things can stop your contact page working. Up to you to make sure that is working and if it isn’t contact your web provider so they can fix it for you ASAP.

2. Less fields equals greater conversion.
You know what it’s like, you just hate filling in forms on the web and importantly soda customers. Research shows that you can increase conversions by as much as 50% by reducing the field numbers from 4 to 3!

3. People contacting you may not know who you are.
You need to deliver a level of trust on your contact page make sure the customers feel confident that you will return contact with them promptly.

4. Your contact page is no different to someone standing in your store.
Would you wait over an hour to be spoken to in a store? Hardly, you would probably walk out in 10 minutes. You have less than 10 minutes to respond to your contact form before customers become edgy, intolerant and move elsewhere.

5. Make sure your contact page is mobile friendly.
With over 70% of searches now being done on mobile devices your contact page must work on a mobile device. Check it today to make sure that it does otherwise you will lose business.

6. Make sure that online validation works properly.
We have all seen those funny little boxes at you have to type in numbers and letters upside down squiggles etc. These are called CAPTCHA and they are designed to stop robots sending you messages or trolling your email address. There are different types of CAPTCHA systems make sure yours is easy to use. Making customers work out Einstein’s third level of quantum physics might look like fun customers will just go elsewhere.

7. You have less than 10 minutes to respond.
Web customers are impatient; take more than 10 minutes and you may as well not bother.

8. Follow up and then follow up again. 
and not next week, but today and tomorrow. No follow up = no business.

We can’t stress enough the importance of having contact forms monitored all the time. At any given time, most websites have some visitors on them and that’s no different to having customers in your store. Are you giving them an opportunity to buy?

Make sure your contact details are right and your map is accurate. Give driving directions from major roads. Respond fast to maximise the value of the lead generated.