Are you placing your Self Storage customers, workers or the general public at an unacceptable level of risk due to an unsafe site, dodgy equipment, lack of safety systems or inadequate emergency preparedness?

If so, then if there is an incident on site and someone gets hurt you’ll have a serious problem on your hands. You will have exposed yourself to substantial legal, financial and reputation risk and the injured person/s will have paid the highest price.

Whether the incident is caused by your lack of knowledge or simply insufficient commitment to ensure your business operates as safely and compliantly as possible as the business owner the buck stops with you.

Have you ever thought about the “What ifs” regarding safety at your Self Storage facility?

Have you ever taken a walk around your site and carried out a safety audit?

Do you know if you comply with Work Health and Safety legislation?

Let’s take a look at some common hazards and risks that can exist at a Self Storage facility:

  • Traffic = Pedestrians could be hit or run over by vehicles in car parks, in laneways and at entrances / exits. 
  • Slips trips and falls = Injuries can easily occur if materials or equipment is left on the ground, or unit floors, creating trip hazards. Wet weather can create slip hazards if ground / floor surfaces are slippery. Serious injuries can occur from falls when workers or customers use ladders.
  • Fire = Stored materials could catch on fire in storage units. Bushfires could spread to the facility setting the buildings and surrounds alight.
  • Loading and Unloading = Manual handling injuries (back, shoulder, feet etc) are common especially when handling multiple, heavy or awkward materials / equipment. Mobile plant or vehicles could hit or run over pedestrians during loading / unloading. Falls from trucks/vans can cause serious injuries.
  • Violence / robbery = Injuries (physical, stress etc.) to office workers / customers could be caused by assault during a robbery or when alone on site after hours. Accessing car parks and storage units after dark is high risk if site security is inadequate or inoperable.
  • Chemicals = Accidental release of toxic chemicals, fire, explosion could be caused by storage of dangerous chemicals.

All business owners have a legal and moral responsibility to adequately manage safety at their business premises. Having an effective, comprehensive and legally compliant Safety Management System in place that is fully operational is an essential part of every Self Storage business.

Need help with managing safety at your Self Storage site?

Come and visit the Safety Makers trade stall at Storage Expo 2017. Why not take a few minutes to speak with one of our friendly and professional safety consultants to find out how we can help make your business a safer place!