SiteLink continues to help self-storage operators run their business how they prefer

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, is excited to announce multiple, flexible options for processing autobill and invoicing tenants. Managers and owners can now choose the batch processing procedure that’s best for their company, including automatic, set-and-forget background overnight billing.


  • New fully automatic, overnight autobill processing and invoicing option
  • SiteLink now offers multiple automatic billing and invoicing workflows
  • Focus is on delivering more feature options to help drive customer success

“Set and forget” convenience – works entirely in the background

Operators can process auto-pay credit cards and invoices behind the scenes automatically in SiteLink. Once enabled, there is no need to review and click a button each day on your batch processed credit cards and invoices. Users can continue with other daily tasks while SiteLink completes the work behind the scenes. SiteLink will notify operators if any follow-up is needed. A list of all failed transactions is emailed to the site.

Automatic overnight processing is enabled via a new “Batch” program default setup tab in SiteLink Web Edition; the operator can now elect to automatically batch process autobills for credit cards, ACH or both, and may also choose to automatically process invoices as well.

Set the automated process according to business preferences

Operators choose whether to email receipts (based on tenant preferences) and whether they want to charge fees or not. Scheduled move-outs can be included in the credit card/ACH autobilling or not. Transaction limits are also available so special attention may be given to large account balances instead of automatically processing their autopay.

Choice in automatic overnight billing is industry-first

In developing new software features, SiteLink continues to keep choice top of mind. When batch auto payments and invoicing were added to Web Edition over a decade ago, operators strongly advocated for the ability to preview accounts before processing or omit accounts that were set to move-out. This user-initiated batch processing was added to myHub in May 2018. A subset of customers were looking for an even more streamlined approach with no manual review. So, now with the addition of fully automatic, overnight processing, SiteLink is the first management software to offer multiple automatic billing and invoicing workflows.

“SiteLink is proud to offer more choice in billing and deliver the greatest amount of flexibility and workflow options for operators than any other self-storage management software available today,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s Chief Client Advocate. “Like all of our feature enhancements and updates, we have listened to our customer base and implemented tools needed to make their jobs easier and their business more profitable.”

With the new “set and forget” option, you no longer have to think about processing bills and invoices each day – the entire process happens automatically overnight, every night.

Or, you can still choose to manually review invoices and autopayments in Web Edition or myHub before they are batch processed each day. With SiteLink, operators can tailor their autobilling settings based on business needs, modify as necessary, and be confident their tenants are charged or invoiced correctly.