There are two main reasons why Self Storage facilities should utilise social media accounts:

  1. There are a host of benefits to using social media; and
  2. Consumers use social media to connect with brands and businesses.

What are the benefits of using social media for Self Storage facilities?

If you know your Self Storage facility should be active on social media but don’t know why, here are the basics.

Social media to connect with customers

With so many people being active on social media platforms, particularly on Facebook, you’ll be able to reach your customers on a platform they’re comfortable and familiar with. It also gives your customers a way to access information about your facility at any time, with no restrictions from business hours.

Social media for transparency and communication

Transparency with customers is important for all businesses, and being active on social media makes this a whole lot easier. With your social media accounts, you can instantly communicate with your customers at any time. This can especially come in handy during a crisis, but is also beneficial during regular business.

Social media for establishing an online presence

When potential customers are looking for a new business, product, or service, they search for it online. While previous years might have seen consumers using the phone book to find this information, they’re now going to use social media platforms and a search engine. Having social media accounts will increase your online presence. This will make it easier for potential customers to find your facility.

What do consumers use their social media accounts for?

While the vast majority of Australian consumers use their social media accounts for socialising and keeping up-to-date with their family and friends, a lot of consumers also use social media to help them make purchases. 37% of Australian social media users use their platforms to follow or find out about particular brands or businesses, and 32% use social media to research for new products and services to buy.

This is important to know, because it highlights that a lot of potential consumers will search social media for Self Storage facilities. This social media traffic is important, because 32% of consumers are searching with the intent to make a purchase.

This article is a section taken from The Ultimate Guide to Social Media For Self Storage Facilities originally published by R6 Web Design. R6 Web Design is an official partner of Self Storage Startup. You can learn more about our official partners here