From late 2015 there are more Australians  mobile Internet devices to access the Internet on a daily basis than desktop computers.

The number one reason that people use computers is for Internet browsing and with the advent of smart phones and mobile devices and phenomenal growth of iPads and small tablets people are turning away from traditional computers.

It is commonplace for people to use small tablets, iPads and smartphones whilst they are watching television: often interacting with television shows. That’s why you see Twitter and Facebook information across the bottom of the screen – it’s the new way to television companies can interact in real time with their viewers.

What does this mean for Self Storage operators? Our R6 Web Design™ division creates many websites for Self Storage sites and regularly monitor the method of usage of visitors and we have noticed a double-digit growth in the use of mobile devices accessing those Self Storage websites.

One of the most interesting statistics recently released by Sensis, is that 82% of those using mobile products on the Internet are searching for products or services. 65% use their phones and tablets to pay bills and 47% use them to view video content. The majority use mobiles for social media.

Interestingly in retail environments, shoppers are increasingly using smart phones to check the pricing of goods online or with other retailers prior to purchase. It’s commonplace to see people walking around department stores and bulky goods retailers checking their phones – in reality they are comparing prices prior to purchase.

In this new paradigm, Self Storage operators need to ensure that the website is mobile friendly, ensuring that customers can easily find your business on a mobile device and importantly contact you.

And they need to see a map of your location.

Whilst we have seen screen sizes rise dramatically from 15 inch to 27 inch monitors which are currently a hot item, we will see mobile phones with larger screens and we will also see hybrid devices between mobile phones and

Internet trends are moving very rapidly and it’s important that your Self Storage facility to stay on top of the latest technology trends as it’s just too easy to get left behind. You no longer have the backstop of the Yellow Pages to drive phone calls to your Self Storage businesses and therefore your Web presence must be available to your market.

A mobile version of your website will make it easier for your mobile enabled customers to find you.

There are now over 50 billion webpages on the Internet, so your business has a one in 50 billion chance of being found, so it is important to make sure that when people are searching for you that they can read your website easily and moreover do business with you immediately.

Research shows that three out of every four people are using the Internet to search for products are looking for prices, yet less than 20% of sites display them. There is a basic imbalance between what the customer wants and what Self Storage facilities provide and there is only one real way to fix it.

Display your prices on the Web.

You are either competitive with your pricing or you’re not and every Self Storage facility has a unique reason why customers should do business with them. It’s not really any different to the old days – people could ring around for prices anyway.

With customers making purchasing decisions and doing their own research online, those sites that choose not to display pricing may be skipped over for those that do especially when people want to buy and is little reason for people to be viewing your website if they’re not ready to buy.

Buyers are wary when prices are not displayed and generally believe that the product may be too expensive, they make that call without ever calling you. When you have a simple contact form, potential customers see you mining that information so that you can contact them and try and sell them something. Not many responded that technique.

Have you ever walked around a car yard and said “There are no prices, lets go”.

With over 1000 online move ins completed by RapidStor Technology (used by SiteLink users) it is evident that people will buy for the price that is listed on your website and importantly technology  like RapidStor works in the mobile environment giving the ability for people on phones and tablets to decide on a space.

In the old days we used to call this “Asking for the order” – remember the sales coach who used to tell you “Don’t forget to ask for the business?” That’s what a technology like RapidStor does – it asks for the business and gives the customer who is ready to buy the opportunity to buy now.

Ask us about a mobile or responsive version of your website, it’s not that expensive and importantly you are providing a service to those searching for Self Storage in your area.