Grant McNamee tells us how Online Auctions take advantage of the new digital age in Self Storage. Another way to take advantage of your Self Storage digital opportunity.

“We have all watched the popular TV shows about Self Storage Auctions in America and Canada, and almost everyone wants to make money in this fun and exciting way. The thing is, nobody knew where and how to get involved.

Online Auctions solve issues for Self Storage Operators

Self Storage operators in Australia are hitting the big time with the recent launch of the website. Customers can view upcoming auctions, look at content, and place bids, solving a big issue and recovering lost rent for Self Storage owners.Online auctions solve unit disposal problems, returning units to the rental pool. grant-mcnamee_smallpic

The easiest way to dispose of storage unit contents is for customers to bid on unwanted or unpaid storage units, and if they are the winners, then the contents becomes theirs.

Storage units are left unpaid for dozens of reasons, and the Self Storage facilities need to free up the spaces in order to generate income”. Grant said.

These unwanted units include anything from artwork and antiques to cars and motorcycles. The process is easy, and it is not uncommon for buyers to make a handy profit in the reselling of contents. is now the number one place to bid on storage units, and you’ll find up to thirty live auctions at any time. At Storage Expo 2017, Grant will host an informative session on how your Self Storage site can increase profits by taking advantage of this new digital revolution to solve what has for many operators become

So if you want to get in on the action, and have customers of yours to bid on unwanted storage units at your facility, then REGISTER TODAY to come to Storage Expo 2017 to come and hear Grant’s presentation.