Talk to the Professionals


The Self Storage business can be a great investment but if it’s new for you, it’s smart to call in the professionals – so make a plan to talk to a Self Storage consulting business.

Some people do it once they’ve found the land, done the feasibility study and hired an architect, but really it makes sense to talk to a Self Storage consultancy firm before you even get that far.

You may think building a Storage facility is simply a matter of putting a big shed on a big block of land but there is so much more to it than that, and it is during the planning stage that you need to have a really good relationship with a professional Self Storage consulting firm.

A team of industry experts, like Steel Storage has the skills and knowledge – and connections – to help you avoid making mistakes.

For example, Steel Storage uses the best architects and building contractors to get the job done. They can give you the benefit of years of experience on layout, location, security and marketing, and advise on the best ways of running the business too, including software programs that will help you keep track on the costs and expenses involved.

And the value of a Self Storage consultancy doesn’t stop once the building is up and the business is ready to open. They can also advise on how to maintain your Steel Storage facility so that your customers feel confident that you know what you are doing, and how to price the units so you can keep the facility full and get a decent return on your investment.

Building a Storage facility can be an absolute minefield, when you consider issues such as council requirements and unexpected costs such as possible delays caused by weather or bureaucracy. A qualified and experienced Self Storage consultancy approach can be your guide through those minefields.

They can tell you the best layout and combination of units, the best type of construction to make it easier to update the facility, and the best type of lighting, security and a myriad of other considerations that a rookie to the industry might never even think about.

No matter how experienced you are, if you’ve never invested in a Self Storage facility before, it makes sense to call in a professional, so contact Steel Storage early in the process. It’s so much easier and cheaper to make changes while your facility is still on paper, rather than during the actual construction or after it is built.

And even once the facility is up and running, it makes sense to maintain the relationship with your builder. They’re the experts in the business, and it’s their business to keep in touch with what is happening in the industry. Having access to that knowledge will be good for your business