Value-Add makes the point of difference


If you’re thinking Self Storage, whether you’re a rental customer or a potential investor, it’s easy just to think about the site and what it offers – but there is a range of Self Storage products that could be part of the deal.

For an operator who wants to make a profit, cost cutting is usually the first thought rather than adding Self Storage products that could add more to the bottom line.
It’s not surprising. We all know that adding a new service or product takes time (in staff training) and money (the actual outlay), but if you choose the right Self Storage products, they can bring in new customers and set your site apart, meaning a top-up to your revenue stream when times are tough and extra cream when times are good.

If you’re a potential investor, looking for a Self Storage builder who can do the right job for you, it makes sense to find out what their range of Self Storage products is. It’s not just about the sheets of metal that will be used to build your steel storage facility – they should be offering you a range of different doors, lock types, keypads, trolleys and alarms.

If you’re a potential customer looking for the right Self Storage facility for you to rent space in, it makes it so much more convenient if that facility can offer you a range of Self Storage products so you don’t have to bring it all with you, when you put your possessions away.

The smart Self Storage operator will consider stocking Self Storage products to make life convenient for their customers – and add to their profit line. Those items could include locks, boxes, tape and bubble wrap but don’t overlook products that will help your tenants to move and arrange their possessions around their storage unit, such as trolleys and carts.

People storing furniture need dust covers but may not have thought about buying some; people moving furniture to your facility may also need a truck to get it there – many facilities now include truck rentals as part of their value-add to attract customers.

As an operator of a steel storage facility, you might be specialising in certain types of storage, so it makes sense to stock a line of Self Storage products that tally with the customers you are targeting. A good retail area essential to show off your product range.

If you’re looking after people’s boats, caravans or classic cars, there will be a range of Self Storage products that will be appropriate for you to sell, that your customers may not have thought to bring with them. If it’s vintage clothing or even a seasonal wardrobe that exceeds home cupboard capability, a supply of hangers and insect and mould inhibitors might appeal to your clientele.

Naturally, whether you build Self Storage or you are in the business of renting it, if people don’t know what you have to offer, they won’t buy it. Make sure there is plenty of information and point-of-sale material to highlight the range of Self Storage products you have to offer. Then watch your bottom line start looking really healthy!

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