We live in an audio/visual age with over 5 billion smartphones capable of high resolution, and in some cases, 4K video playback. You should be using videos for Self Storage websites to help get your message out there.

Here are our top reasons why you should consider creating videos for Self Storage websites:

  1. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube accounts for 25% of all Google searches and over 1 billion searchers view YouTube content daily, with thousands searching for Self Storage. Can you afford not to be there?
  2. Video educates fast. If a picture says a thousand words and most videos are 25-30 frames a second, even a 30 second video can deliver a great sales message. Here’s an example of a great video ad for Self Storage with over 1.1 million views.
  3. Video is easy to create. You don’t need a Hollywood production company to make award-winning videos for Self Storage.

YouTube is highly integrated with Google Search

YouTube Self Storage search results are tightly integrated into Google Search. More often than not, a YouTube ‘how to’ video will display prominently in search results. Here’s an example of video content that can be featured on a ‘how to store furniture’ search.

YouTube really does leverage Google search results. So how do you start to create videos for Self Storage websites?

  1. Work out your goal. What’s the purpose of the video? Is it to inform? Is it to educate? Is it a ‘how to’ video, or a special Self Storage offer?
  2. Decide your audience. Is the video designed to inform existing Self Storage users, or is it designed to attract new Self Storage customers? Decide your audience at the start.
  3. A clear call to action. All videos for Self Storage websites should contain a ‘call to action’, a closing statement to ask for business.

Use Google AdWords to boost and promote your videos for Self Storage

Correctly targeted Google AdWords can pinpoint local Self Storage interest and drive potential customers to your video, which outlines your offer, product or service. The call to action completes the cycle.

R6 Web Design™ can create videos for Self Storage websites to suit your facility at an affordable cost. Ask us how.