We’ve all been to Conferences and heard from the “expert” about better ways to manage the business. Every conference has them, but sometimes they lack the specific industry knowledge to really get the point across.

How many times have you left one of these sessions saying “That bloke has no idea how we work”?

Ask yourself this: Has this “expert” actually worked in a Self Storage business? Has he sold any Storage space? Does he really know what he is talking about?

Joe Doyle from Select Training is one of those hard-working guys who started work behind the counter in Self Storage over 20 years ago. On his first day it was his job to get rid of the security dogs droppings from around the facility!

Not the best start to a sales career! Joe thought he was ready to Sell Storage space from day one!

He would start on the road to learning the hard way. His career started at Millers Self Storage in Sydney; at the time the best operator in the business in Australia. Joe earned his stripes as a storage assistant then as a storage manager the hard way.

A real Sales Expert to teach at Storage Expo 2017

Having started the Millers Self Storage training program, Joe Doyle has gone on to train some of the best Self Storage experts in Australia and his management knowledge is unsurpassed when it comes to managerial training and Joe will show during his workshop session practical tools and practical methods that you can use to improve your business.

His Storage Expo 2016 presentation was one of our most popular events. Joe returns again to Storage Expo 2017 with new insight into the customer service experience with an emphasis on delivering service in the new digital economy.

Developing a customer service culture is very important and should not be underestimated and this extends to your digital image.Team culture, however, is just as important and if you are not serving customers, you need to be serving your digital customer!


Defining what you want from your team when they interact with your customers both in store and online, is crucial in shaping your customer service standards.D

Dedication to the job of managing the business rests with the person behind the counter and no one else. Joe’s specialist techniques for extracting the best from those people behind the counter is legendary. If you run a Self Storage facility or manage a Self Storage facility, this session is absolutely essential for to attend. Joe’s session is worth the price of admission alone and he will uncover the real truth behind the successful Self Storage operators. All sales results start and end with good people!

Book today to be part of Joe’s workshop at Storage Expo 2017.