Building a Self Storage facility is a construction process unlike any other in the building industry, and while a Self Storage construction might seem like a simple building process, the skills lie in its simplicity.

There are many Self Storage owners, operators and investors who go it alone, build their own facilities, and manage their Self Storage operations independently from the Australian Self Storage industry. They don’t belong to the Self Storage Association of Australia, they don’t use industry Self Storage Management Software, and they don’t visit industry expos and conventions.

Some of these operators might do okay, and are more than capable of managing their own affairs, but for the vast majority this is simply not the case. There is a lot of money lost in false economies, and in some cases, this creates a negative feeling towards Self Storage as an investment.

To avoid making costly mistakes, or missing out on including key attributes to your Self Storage facility, we will always recommend that prospective Self Storage investors speak to Self Storage construction specialists such as Steel Storage. We know Self Storage design, Self Storage construction and Self Storage development, so we can deliver a full turnkey operation, helping you source the right location, the right partners in security, software and marketing, and we can make sure that your Self Storage facility is successful from day one.

Our recent Self Storage construction projects includes the KeepSafe Storage O’Connor facility in Perth, a facility that was awarded the SSAA’s Facility of the Year award in 2016, and the Helensvale Storage King, a facility that holds the record for taking the least amount of time to fill to capacity.

These modern facilities are not just storage garages, they are Self Storage construction and design masterpieces, that enjoy a balance of personal and business storage space, they are flexible to accommodate demand, and they include all the modern security and operational features, including a merchandise store that generates a healthy source of income for the owners.

The Steel Storage Self Storage Construction process includes a full consultation to source the information required to commence the design and construction process. Once the building is designed and laid out, the team will look into the fit out process, an integrated approach that will enhance the operations of the new Self Storage facility. Steel Storage only works with the best in the business, use the best products available and delivers a quality assured end product.

Once your Self Storage construction is complete, Steel Storage will still support you along the way, ensuring your safety and security measures are in place, your management structures are in place and you are on the road to success.

If you want more information about the Self Storage construction process, or how to get involved in Self Storage investment, then please contact us today, or visit Steel Storage at Storage Expo 2017, 16 – 17 March 2017, at Sea World on the Gold Coast.